Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Manicare Artiste Makeup Brushes

Hey guys, so Ive been looking for these Artiste brushes for ages! I saw them in a Myer catalog last year and I only found them yesterday, I guess I wasn't looking hard enough! I think it must have been my lucky day aswell because the whole Artiste range was 25% off! There weren't many left but I managed to pick up these as well as an eyelash curler and duo lip liner/eyeliner sharpener (not pictured). I had heard before hand that they were good, quality brushes but I think they are more than good, they are great for their price. They all have extremely soft soft bristles and they grip onto product very easily. I used the Powder Brush with my MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder and it worked fabulously, it left my skin looking flawless. I also found out that the brand Artiste is actually a brand from Manicare (nail polishes, nail files etc.). So that was also a surprise considering Manicare already have a brush range which is available in chemists and Target. But I strongly suggest that anyone that is short on money and is looking for quality brushes, should have a look at Artiste brushes, only available at Myer.


  1. I want to try these brushes, they are cheaper than MAC :P
    nice blog, follow mine :)

  2. You can also find these lovelies at Priceline!